Cynthia Stoddard

Certified Health Coach

Welcome, my name is Cynthia Stoddard, owner of Living Well with Cynthia. Helping people live a healthy life is my passion. I work with adults in-person and online to promote wellness in families, businesses, schools, and other organizations.

With my knowledge, your healthy choices will become habits

In June of 2022, I knew I had to make a serious decision about my health and wellbeing. A trip to my doctor for an annual physical didn’t reveal anything serious but my body and my mind were telling me that if I kept on this path that would not always be the news that I receive from my doctor. I was overweight, in a lot of pain all the time, not able to join in on activities because I hurt so much and dealt with constant headaches. I felt like I was missing out on life.
I found a medical lifestyle doctor in my area that put me on a path to wellness that has changed my life. My main goal was to find a balance in my life where I was still able to socialize and enjoy my favorite food and cocktails but to also create a healthy lifestyle that promoted all of the other things I was missing out on. Small changes led to big results. I no longer need my medical lifestyle doctor but felt that I still had so much more to learn. Then I found the Dr. Sears Health Coach Training and Certification program and learned that I had been living L.E.A.N. concentrating on Lifestyle, Exercise, Attitude and Nutrition. I discovered that I have a passion for helping people achieve their goals related to their wellness and look forward to working with them on their journey.