Your WHY has to be stronger than your excuse or weakest moment!

My why is super strong and has gotten me through the worst times. I wrote it down in a journal and I go back to it often.

My WHY is that  I want to be an active participant in life and no longer sit on the sidelines!!

Grab a piece of paper, a journal or a white board. Write down all of the reasons you want to get healthy or lose weight or start a business. Whatever it is you are trying to do to make your life amazing. No rules, just brainstorm and put it on paper. You will quickly begin to see a very strong WHY emerge. This is your mission statement. When you are in that weak moment pull out that mission statement and you will find strength in it. Overtime it becomes part of who you are and you will no longer need the visual. I promise it works!    If you need help formulating that WHY or Mission Statement for yourself, I am here for you.